Homeless Prevention Non-Profit for At-Risk and Foster Youth

Working together to help those in need.

Michael Jackson - It Starts With Us

“Oh, they, they’ll take care of it. The government will do it. They who? It starts with us, or else it will never be done.”

– Michael Jackson

Hope. Empowerment. Purpose.

It Starts With Us, Inc’s vision is to implement programs and resources for at risk, underdeveloped youth and foster youth. We hope to impact the lives of our youth positively.

WE aim to implement programs such as how to manage finances, job readiness, scholarship programs, emergency assistance programs, food security programs, support groups and more.

Our goal is to pull together our community resources to ensure financial and emotional empowerment for at-risk youth.

Most youth have parents or family support that teaches them independent living skills, and all of the processes mentioned above in the program ideas, but It Starts With Us steps in and helps those who do not have the family to do it.

We are committed to encouraging and empowering those whom we serve while maintaining the ability to lead, the creativity to inspire, and the will to foster positive change within the community. We commit to operate with integrity and to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Some services we provide:

  • Case Management
  • Free ID Voucher
  • Free Birth Certificate
  • Assistance with obtaining social security card
  • Resume / Job Readiness Development
  • Life Skills Support & Assistance
  • Housing Assistance & Referral
  • Drug & Addiction Referrals
  • Legal Document Preparation for LGBTQ+ related needs (Ex: Name / Gender Change, Restraining Order)

We need your help to rescue a child.


You believe, as we do, that every child deserves a future. Every last child.

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